How we can help you

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Pre-contract reviews

Our experience tells us that all disputes can be traced back to the time of contract formation. We will assist you in reviewing your tender documents so that you are clear in what you are agreeing to in order to minimise any nasty surprises during execution phase of your project.

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Project set up

Following contract award, we will help you implement your project controls systems before the works commence on site. Critically, this will include the preparation of an appropriately detailed programme setting out the intended sequence of your works.

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Project controls and monitoring

We will help you monitor progress and expenditure, identify problems and implement mitigation measures when they arise, whilst ensuring that the contract is administered correctly. Our experience tells us that it is inadequate project controls and contract administration that prevents businesses from securing full entitlement.

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Dispute avoidance

Our aim is to avoid disputes by providing you with the necessary project controls during execution phase which accurately records what happened on site, when it happened and why. Contemporaneous evidence is essential in proving your entitlement. You can never have enough records.

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Fixed / contingent fee adjudications

If a dispute does arise, we will assist you in successfully resolving the matter in question as quickly and as cheaply as possible. With a varied background encompassing quantity surveying, engineering and dispute resolution, we offer clients this all round expertise at a competitive price and offer fixed and contingent fee adjudication services.