Delay and disruption – what’s the difference?

We often get clients telling us they have been delayed and disrupted without realising that these are distinct issues which are assessed differently. The words ‘delay’ and ‘disruption’ are often used interchangeably in construction disputes without parties really knowing the distinction between the two. It is often assumed that delay leads to disruption and disruption leads to delay, thus a cycle of additional time and cost is incurred on projects that go wrong. This is a common misconception.

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Final accounts and without prejudice negotiations

The JCT standard forms of contract contain provisions for assessing final accounts stipulating timeframes for issuing and disputing final account assessments. Failure to comply with these timeframes can lead to potentially disastrous consequences. Where final accounts contain disputed sums, it is common to find that without prejudice (“WP”) discussions are held in parallel with the parties seeking to resolve their differences amicably. This article examines the potential pitfalls of this approach where one party is unaware of the potentially draconian...

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